Mid Summer Bodhi Dream

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Did you make a promise to yourself to eat better, exercise more and confidently wear that bathing suit. It always starts with a promise, but summer is the season of backyard BBQ's, festivals and deep fried foods and vacations filled with fun. The end of July comes quickly and we realized that we've reached mid summer and not really kept up with those promises.

ice cream cones

Now is the time to make your mid summer bodhi dream come true! Just a few minor changes can make a big difference and put you on the path to a happier, healthier you!

Here are 5 easy ways to get back on track

1. Kick start your health and fitness goals with a Bodhi Cleanse Package.

A three day cleanse can help you curb cravings, get your body performing it's best and lose weight. We know that sometimes all you need is to see a little shift to get motivated to stay on track. Order a 3, 5 or 7 day cleanse package

2.Start small

You want to exercise but trying to go from zero to beast mode will only leave you sore and discouraged. Start with committing to 10 minutes of exercise a day, anything from walking to doing part of a workout video or class. Slowly build up your time/endurance and create a habit of incorporating fitness into your daily routine.


3. Choose wisely

Healthy lifestyle changes don't mean you can't still enjoy a summer BBQ, just choose wisely. Try to fill 1/2 your plate with awesome local fruits and veggies and find a seat at the picnic table! Did you know that standing and grazing can lead to overindulging. Be "present" in the moment and mindfully enjoy your meal.

4. Be smart about drinks

Along with your organic juices from Bodhi Bar, drink lots of water to stay hydrated! When you're on the go and need a quick boost of energy consider picking up a 6 pack of our cold pressed juices. They are all natural with no added sugar and no artifical colours/flavours; plus they pack a whole lot of nutrients in one bottle. When it comes to alcohol, choose low calories drinks and alternate between cocktails and water.

sweetie pie juice

5. Relax and be kind to yourself

Aim to make healthy choices as much as possible but also allow yourself treats. Trying to be perfect will only lead to missing out on a lot of fun (and life) and in the long run you are likely to slip back into your old ways. Some days we fall of the wagon and eat our way through the buffet but as long we get back on track it's okay.

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Are you ready to keep that summer promise to yourself?

Order your Bodhi Cleanse Package now!

As Shakespeare said, in a mid summer night's dream..."“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

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