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Lean JacksonUnited States
I am so grateful that Bodhi expanded their offerings to all things wellness. They are so knowledgeable given everything they have tried with their daughter! Inspiring story...incredible people.
Allen Jones
Actually my daughter discovered Bodhi Bar about 4-5 years ago and my wife, who had been making her own "magic potions" decide to give them a try . She loves 'em .. all of them - ( we usually buy the "variety pack" of 6) ..great quality and really good taste. And as her grumpy husband, I have to admit they surprisingly ... taste really good!.
Victoria Moral
I recently purchased the cleanse package and I was dreading the taste of the juices but they actually taste AMAZING! I am now signing up for a membership as my one year old daughter also loves the taste of them. The customer service has also been really great. I used the live chat and was assisted very quickly. I would highly recommend trying this place out!
Dr. Alexandra ZemskovaCanada
We love going to Bodhi Bar as they have the closest juices to what we make at home. All organic, fresh and always ready for you! If you looking for the best juice bar in Burlington - consider Bodhi Bar as your go to place. Lots to choose from : from variety of juices to delicious smoothies they got it all.
Dylan SuitorCanada
I've been ordering juice from Bodhi Bar since I found them nearly 2 years ago! I receive their weekly orders and Naomi and team are absolutely phenomenal. Incredibly friendly, extremely accommodating and overall great people! I absolutely LOVE supporting local and Bodhi Bar!Ps. The juice is pretty awesome too! :)

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The Bodhi approach to wellness is from both the inside and out, understanding that true health is a harmonious balance. From our organic cold-pressed juice cleanses to a curated selection of wellness products, healing saunas, and invigorating cold-plunge tubs, each offering is designed to nurture your journey to holistic well-being.
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