Embrace Your Warrior Bodhi

The Warrior Bodhi is based on the eating patterns of ancient warriors, who consumed little during the day and then feasted at night. In fact, throughout most of human existence our eating pattern has been similar. Hunting and gathering tribes would eat together as a community and their diets were rich with...

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By Naiomi Gardner
Long Weekend Temptations

Woo hoo! Here comes the long weekend, when you kick off your shoes, fling your watch — and throw your diet out the window! After you've done well for so long, its too tempting to just treat yourself, but once you loosen the reins, it's easy to lose control! Even a few days of...

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By Bold Commerce
Healthy Long Weekend Living

Heading to cottage country for the long weekend ahead? Looking forward to rest and relaxation, but a little worried about all the packing and preparation ahead? Nervous about staying on track with your health goals with all of the tempting go-to snacks? You’re not alone! It’s challenging to not think...

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By Info Bodhi Bar
Canada 150 Juice Recipe Contest

Celebrate with us for Canada's 150th Birthday!! We're having a cool Canada Day Contest. Submit a juice or smoothie recipe that's "Canadian". The skies the limits - so have fun and get creative!! The contest ends midnight tomorrow midnight. The winner will receive FREE SIX PACKS to enjoy over the...

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By Info Bodhi Bar
Naiomi Gardner and Ryan Gardner

What is a “mother”? A mother is one who ‘cares’ for her children. It’s so tough sometimes to be a mother, knowing the right things to do. Knowing if its time to give a tender empathetic hug or kick butt. It’s especially hard to know what to do as a...

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By Info Bodhi Bar
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