The Battle with Body Positivity

A new age of beauty has risen and it excludes no one! Body positivity - a social movement based on the belief that every body is beautiful - advocates for a world where our self worth is not defined by our exterior but instead, the positive impact we have on...

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By Ryan Gardner
Top 5 ways to reset your body post long weekend (or anytime)

After a long winter, the May 24 weekend is exciting for us Canadians and we sometimes throw caution to the wind and overdo it. For all of us who overindulged this long weekend, it's time to balance the score and take our health back. Here are the top 5 things...

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By Bold Commerce Collaborator
Embrace Your Warrior Bodhi

The Warrior Bodhi is based on the eating patterns of ancient warriors, who consumed little during the day and then feasted at night. In fact, throughout most of human existence our eating pattern has been similar. Hunting and gathering tribes would eat together as a community and their diets were rich with...

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By Naiomi Gardner
Long Weekend Temptations

Woo hoo! Here comes the long weekend, when you kick off your shoes, fling your watch — and throw your diet out the window! After you've done well for so long, its too tempting to just treat yourself, but once you loosen the reins, it's easy to lose control! Even a few days of...

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By Bold Commerce
Healthy Long Weekend Living

Heading to cottage country for the long weekend ahead? Looking forward to rest and relaxation, but a little worried about all the packing and preparation ahead? Nervous about staying on track with your health goals with all of the tempting go-to snacks? You’re not alone! It’s challenging to not think...

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By Info Bodhi Bar
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