About Us

Mother and daughter standing behind counter at Bodhi Bar

Have you ever wondered how Bodhi Bar came to be? Here is a bit more about us and our journey with juicing.

Our daughter, Ryan, was first diagnosed with cancer when she was only 16 years old. When her cancer recurred, we decided to look elsewhere for alternatives...a less invasive natural approach? The answer included something so simple: to consume a ton of organic fruits and vegetables?! The therapy included consuming almost 2 pounds of raw organic fruits and vegetables 11 times a day. If you do the math, that’s about 20 pounds of fruits and veggies a day! With all that fiber? Who could eat that much? This is where juicing comes in…

At the time, there were not many options available and the learning curve was steep, but we dove straight in! One thing became apparent, on the other side of cancer, our calling was to help as many people as we could and make organic juices and smoothies as accessible as possible, starting in our own community. Ryan's journey continues and she fights with juice on her side. 

We take the utmost care and pride in every drop of juice we produce. From buying organic fruits and vegetables to avoid toxins, juicing them in a cold-press juicer to maximize nutritional value, bottling our juices in a BPA-free recyclable and reusable bottles, we don’t pasteurize, never add preservatives, and we don’t employ high-pressure-processing. We make small batches of cold-pressed juice and flash freeze the juices to naturally preserve the juices, maximizing freshness and nutritional value. We are confident that our juices and smoothies are the very best available!