Bodhi Cleanse Packages

"I absolutely love doing a juice cleanse with Bodhi Bar! These juices taste great. I feel lighter, think clearer and my skin is absolutely glowing!" ~ B. Smith

Our cleanse packages are made with cold-pressed organic juices and organic smoothies that are cryogenically preserved to maintain maximum freshness to maintain the maximum values of vitamins, minerals and live beneficial enzymes.

Day packs can be stored in your freezer and each day pack has 6 bottles that are I just drink the juices in order. Super easy! No grocery shopping, meal prepping or clean up. 

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Slimmer Bodhi Cleanse
$54.50 per day
Only -94 items in stock!
Stronger Bodhi Cleanse
$54.50 per day
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Detoxify for beautiful clear skin with the power of plant-based juice
Bodhi Beautiful Cleanse
$54.50 per day
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Warrior Bodhi - IF Program
$25.20 per day
Only -89 items in stock!