Get Unstuffed 🦃

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate but if you're like us, sometimes it is also the time to indulge in a second (or third) helping of all that delicious holiday food. Now it's time to get unstuffed! Get back on track with a 3 day cleanse (or go large with a 5 or 7 day package).

🦃 Get your body performing its best by filling it with vitamins & nutrients

🦃 Curb cravings and start fresh – even 3 days without refined sugar, caffeine or whatever it is you crave can be diminished in short period of time.

🦃 Experience a better “food mood” associated with a well-balanced diet rich in vegetables and nutrients

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Valid to midnight Thursday Oct 17

Choose your cleanse

Slimmer Bodhi - geared towards weight loss

Stronger Bodhi - geared towards muscle maintenance while cleansing

Bodhi Beautiful - geared towards improving completion, adding lustre hair, and rapid detoxification

All Natural | Vegan | Organic | RAW


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