Top 5 ways to reset your body post long weekend (or anytime)

After a long winter, the May 24 weekend is exciting for us Canadians and we sometimes throw caution to the wind and overdo it. For all of us who overindulged this long weekend, it's time to balance the score and take our health back.

Here are the top 5 things you can do to reset your body post long-weekend:

#1 Avoid continued temptations! Unpack the coolers and put the naughty stuff in the garbage or somewhere as remote as possible. If we have formed some bad habits over the long weekend, we want to avoid reinforcing those bad habits. Out of sight out of mind! If you can't junk the junk, then at least hide the stuff away from you.

junk food

#2 Hydrate! Alcohol and caffeine are diuretics. Between being more active and consuming things that further dehydrate us, it's no wonder we feel tired, lethargic and a bit more parched than usual!

#3 Re-centre yourself! Often we are off track with our mindfulness and lose focus on our short-term goals. Take 5 minutes to write down your goals for the week, the things you need to do to accomplish those goals, and a timeline for completion.  Once complete, look at your plan, then close your eyes and visualize your plan while smiling, taking a deep breath in... and exhale.

#4 Get moving! For many of us, relaxation equals a lot of sitting and sleeping. Having some quiet moment to be able to read a book or just do nothing is a rare treat. So, be thankful for those extended moments of rest and then get up and get going! You're body will thank you for both the rest and the exercise.

#5 Cleanse! There are so many communication systems in our bodies that are complex and interlinked. When we change things up and eat poorly and at different times of the day, we are making it challenging for our body to figure things out. We can set off a domino effect with our interlinked communication systems. An organic juice cleanse can reset those systems, while aiding in detoxification of the body at a cellular level. Not only can you shed those May 24 two to four pounds, you can rid yourself of some of those bad food addictions, including sugars, fats and salt.

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