Summer Bodhi Selfie

Welcome Summer!

At Bodhi Bar we are all about body positivity and healthy living. We are super excited to launch a new campaign #summerbodhiselfie encouraging everyone to love their body and focus less on the scale and instead work toward a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition and physical & mental health.

Cartoon - how to have a bikini body, put a bikini on your body

Follow along as we share tips, information and a bit of humour on social media and in our e-newsletters.

This summer, join the conversation, share your #summerbodhiselfie and enjoy those long summer days & hot summer nights!

When you want to...

🧘‍♀️ Get your body performing its best by filling it with vitamins & nutrients
🥬🍎🥕🍒 Balance summer temptation (can you say funnel cakes??) with the equivalent of 5-6 servings of fruit/veg in each bottle of our cold-pressed juice
🍧🍭 Curb cravings and start fresh – even 3 days without refined sugar, caffeine or whatever it is you crave can be diminished in short period of time.
😊 Experience a better “food mood” associated with a well-balanced diet rich in vegetables and nutrients
Try a Bodhi Cleanse Package and kick start your health goals.
We are incredibly proud of our products and take the utmost care and pride in every drop of juice we produce. From buying organic fruits and vegetables to avoid toxins, juicing them in a cold-press juicer to maximize nutritional value, bottling our juices in a BPA-free recyclable and reusable bottles, we don’t pasteurize, never add preservatives, and we don’t employ high-pressure-processing. We make small batches of cold-pressed juice and flash freeze the juices to naturally preserve the juices, maximizing freshness and nutritional value.




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