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Bodhi Bar

Bodhi Bar is expanding across Ontario

by Bold Commerce Collaborator 25 Nov 2019 1 comment

Bodhi Bar is expanding across Ontario

New franchises and provide wide delivery begins today

Burlington, November 25, 2019: Bodhi Bar announced today the opening of their first Franchise location in Oakville, Ontario with a second franchise opening in Toronto in January, 2020. Plus, to better serve demand for their products, Bodhi Bar will begin delivery across Ontario!

Bodhi Bar is pleased to welcome franchisees Elaine Armstrong and Dr. Bob Nouraei on board with the first storefront location in Oakville, located at 2464 Lakeshore Rd. West. “We are so excited to have Elaine and Bob as part of the Bodhi Bar family,” gushes Owner, Naiomi Gardner, “Not only do they both share our values and desire to help our customers lead a healthy lifestyle, but they also have a beautiful waterfront-community location in Oakville that is reminiscent of our Burlington location.”

"When we decided we wanted to franchise, it was important to us to find the right people.” explains Naiomi, “We were looking for champions for our brand with the knowledge and passion for juicing that we have. We are really excited about our first franchises and the people behind them.”

In January of 2020, Bodhi Bar will be opening a second franchise location in Toronto. They can’t share the details yet but they are looking forward to serving the GTA market.

Along with opening two franchises, Bodhi Bar is also expanding their delivery service to meet the growing demand for their cold-pressed juices, juice cleanses and juice memberships.

“Starting Monday November 24, we will be offering delivery across Ontario!” states Naiomi, “We are working hard to fulfill one of our most important missions: to make juicing and juice cleansing as accessible as possible to help people achieve their healthy-lifestyle goals.”

With all this growth and change, at the heart of Bodhi Bar is still the best practices aimed at providing consumers with the freshest, healthiest, most nutrient-dense product on the market. They use organic produce sourced locally as much as possible, cold-press all their juices and cryogenically preserve them. No preservatives, no high pressure processing and no pasteurization, just great tasting juice!

For more information, franchising inquire or to book and interview please contact Naiomi at or 289 237 7777

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