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Importance of a Healthy Immune System

by Naiomi Gardner 25 Jun 2020 6 Comments
Importance of a Healthy Immune System - Membership has its Benefits

Did you know that healthy immune systems are working around the clock for us to fight the colds, flus, infections and even the Coronavirus!

Your immune system is an intricate network of cells, tissues, and organs that help defend your body against foreign invaders (germs, viruses and bacteria). A healthy immune system includes blood cells and chemicals that physically attack germs. Your skin, lungs, digestive tract, saliva and tears are also all involved in immune response.

Can you actually BOOST your immunity?
To be real, there is no quick fix when it comes to suddenly boosting your immunity and there is no supplement or food that will suddenly strengthen it. The single best way to keep yourself, and your immune system, healthy is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle supports your immune system to do what it already knows to do: keep invaders out!! Consuming foods that are rich with vitamins and minerals and reducing consumption of highly processed and sugary foods, is an important part of a  healthy lifestyle. 

Bodhi Bar cold-pressed juices contain the nutrients of up to 6 servings of organic fruits and veggies. We choose organic as there is not the residual toxicity of pesticides and because organic produce are more nutrient-dense. Our cold-pressed juices are an easy way to get all those servings of fruits and veggies in as part of a healthy lifestyle!

The rest of the healthy-lifestyle equation
Sleep is a superstar when it comes to immunity! Stress hormones go down while you’re asleep and a good night’s sleep boosts the effectiveness of specialized immune cells, called T-cells. T-cells are in charge of recognizing foreign invaders and activating the proteins that attach to these invaders and kill them!

Keep stress in check!
Our body’s stress response equates to a decrease in the number of white blood cells that help fight off infection. The lower this level, the more at risk you are for infection. And this is where exercise comes in. Exercise slows the release of stress hormones, while at the same time improving natural immune defence activity, plus it tuckers you out to get a better night’s, win, win!

Bodhi Bar helps quench your thirst for wellness!
Bodhi Bar would like to help you on your quest to attain or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our membership packages make it super simple to get those fruits and veggies into your diet with a weekly delivery of a six pack of Bodhi Bar’s cold-pressed organic juice. With six different juices to choose from the hardest part of a juice membership is deciding which juice you want. Don’t worry, you can mix things up and get a variety pack if you can’t choose just one. To reset your body periodically and help your body do what it knows how to do best - keep invaders out we also include 2 FREE Juice Cleanses per year!  

Memberships include FREE delivery plus two FREE cleanses a year.

Sign up today and start living your BEST life!

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