Canada 150 Juice Recipe Contest

Celebrate with us for Canada's 150th Birthday!! We're having a cool Canada Day Contest. Submit a juice or smoothie recipe that's "Canadian". The skies the limits - so have fun and get creative!!

The contest ends midnight tomorrow midnight. The winner will receive FREE SIX PACKS to enjoy over the long weekend with family and friends! Submit your info and recipe in the comment section below. GOOD LUCK!!


  • Anonymous

    Red and White Canadian Layered Smoothie!

    Red Layer
    1 cup of ice
    1 frozen banana, sliced
    2 cups strawberries, halved
    1/2 cup cranberry OR raspberry juice

    White Layer
    1/4 cup orange juice
    1 cup of ice
    1 cup of plain greek yogurt or almond milk for non dairy substitute
    1 frozen sliced banana

    Blend layers separately putting the red layer at the bottom, followed by the white layer and then add some more of the red layer to the top. Enjoy! :)

  • Allison Champion

    Pineapple apple lemon mint.

  • Lisa Kamas

    Ginger& tumeric

  • Rachel

    Canadian Juice Recipe Contest

    Juice together the following ingredients for a vibrant vitamin packed red juice!

    2 medium red apples (for anti-inflammatory properties)
    1 red beet ( a beauty food for a healthy digestive system, naturally high in fiber)
    1 large carrot ( for vitamin A and C for a youthful completion)
    1 sweet potato ( for glowing skin)
    1 orange ( abundant in a form of bioactive calcium. Packed with vitamin C , helps to brighten up your day!

    Enjoy :)!

  • Tracy

    1/2 Apple (Ontario grown)
    1 Beet, medium
    1/2 cucumber, small
    1 Medjool date, pitted
    1 cup Strawberries, fresh or frozen (Ontario grown)
    1/2 TBSP Coconut oil, extra virgin
    1/2 TBSP Canadian Pure Maple Syrup
    1/2 TBSP flaxseed
    1/2 cup almond milk – or water
    3 ice cubes

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