Warrior Bodhi - IF Program

Warrior Bodhi - IF Program

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Warrior Bodhi Includes:

  • 3x Thirsty Warrior Juice – These keto-friendly, organic, cold-pressed super green juices are made with organic romaine, organic spinach, organic cucumber, organic ginger, organic celery, organic lemon and organic matcha blend. Chock full of vitamins, minerals and live beneficial enzymes, this juice can keep any warrior fighting strong!
  • FREE Warrior Bodhi IF Program Guidebook – A comprehensive e-book that goes over important information about intermittent fasting, daily schedule guidelines and informative FAQ .
  • FREE Warrior Bodhi Recipe Book – Check out some Best Bodhi recipes that are keto-friendly! Full of protein, fibre and loads of plants, these recipes will taste great and leave you feeling full! Plus check out our awesome super healthy snack recipes.

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We make small batches of cold-pressed juice and flash freeze the juices to naturally preserve the juices, maximizing freshness and nutritional value. We are confident that our juices and smoothies are the very best available!


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