Stronger Bodhi Cleanse
Stronger Bodhi Cleanse
Stronger Bodhi Cleanse
Stronger Bodhi Cleanse

Stronger Bodhi Cleanse

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"I didn't think I could successfully complete a cleanse and would feel too hungry. Not only did I not feel overly hungry, but I lost weight!" ~ D. Richard

Our Stronger Bodhi Cleanse packs include 3 of our most popular juices and 3 Mean Green Smoothies each day, including Melonlicious, Power Glow, Recovery&Ready and  Mean Green Smoothies. Organic fruits and veggies are cold-pressed to extract pure fresh juice, loaded with vitamins, minerals and live beneficial enzymes. Smoothies are loaded with vegan protein. Protein plays an important role in muscle maintenance.

Imagine; each day you cleanse equals no grocery shopping or meal prep or cleaning up for less than $55 per day!

Juices are strategically numbered for you 1-6 and packed in day packs. Simply enjoy your juices in order and hydrate with water in between juices! Jump start your healthy lifestyle and reset your body for success!

Stronger Bodhi Day packs include:

    • 1x Melonlicious Juice –Cold-pressed organic melon, carrotapple and mint
    • 3 x Mean Green Smoothie - Blended organic kale, banana and spinach, with added spirulina and vegan protein offering more than 20g of protein!
    • 1 x Power Glow Juice – Protein-rich spirulina added to cold-pressed organic kale, spinach, apple, lemon, cucumber, and celery
    • 1 x Recovery and Ready Juice – Cold-pressed organic kale, spinach, cucumber apple, and celery juices, with added coconut water.
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We make small batches of cold-pressed juice and flash freeze the juices to naturally preserve the juices, maximizing freshness and nutritional value. We are confident that our juices and smoothies are the very best available!


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