Boost Your Immune System During Lockdown

Most of us are guilty of overindulgence during the holiday season. Faced with an endless barrage of rich, heavy, sugar-laden, but oh-so-yummy treats, its so easy to have just one more! And if you're like me, you'll top that all off with one too many night caps. This year we are all too happy kick 2020 to the curb and ring in the New Year.

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I am promising myself to treat my body better in 2021. The best way to kick off 2021 is with a highly detoxifying organic juice cleanse. The short-term gains of weightloss, glowing complexion and improved gut health is just the beginning of the many other benefits of the RESET.


Bodhi Cleanse juice cleanse detox

To counterbalance for those naughty treats is 4-6 servings of organic fruits and veggies in every one of your 6 bottles you get in your Bodhi Cleanse day packs. That's as much as 36 servings of organic fruits and veggies per day! More than 1000x your daily value of essential vitamins, minerals and probiotics. Plus there's no grocery getting, food preparation or cleaning! Pretty sure we could all use a break from that right about now!

Juice cleansing isn't just for weight loss. While weight loss is a natural outcome of all of our cleanse packages, the reality is many people choose to do a juice cleanse to reset the body and boost our immune systems. If one of your health goals for 2021 is to eat better, reduce sugar intake and avoid those naughty go-to temptations, juice cleansing plays an important role towards those transformations, by improving gut health, digestion, and physical dependance on sugar. The end result improved immune function!

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