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Why Juice Cleanse

by Naiomi Gardner 27 Mar 2017 0 Comments

Can we be healthier?? Can we reverse disease by changing to a predominantly plant-based diet?? Lets figure it out....

Why Juice Cleanse

Addiction to unhealthy foods is powerful, as evidenced by the 70+ percent of Canadians who struggle daily with being overweight or obese or have other poor-diet-related illness. It’s important to break the cycle of addiction to saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, processed foods, excess caffeine and alcohol. Not only can we be healthier, but we can actually reverse disease by changing to a predominantly plant-based diet.

Why Juice Cleanse

Healthy food

Bodhi Cleansing helps to break the cycle of bad-food addiction, after only 3 days! There are more than a dozen significant health enhancements you can obtain with the 3-day Bodhi Cleanse.

We offer 5 and 7-day cleanse packages as well, to maximize detoxification and reset your body.

Of course, we only use organic fruits and vegetables and cold-press our juices to maintain beneficial live enzymes and phytonutrients. If you’ve ever cleansed before with non-organic juices, you were ingesting many of the same pesticide, herbicide and antibiotic residues the body is trying to clear out.

Why Detoxify?

Detoxification is of central importance to achieve the many benefits from our Bodhi Cleanses.

  • Reduce your appetite - After successfully completing your Bodhi Cleanse, your stomach feels lighter, helping you to feel full with less food. No need to go back to bad eating habits, like overeating & binge eating!
  • Ease food decision-making -  It’s challenging in our busy lives to make the right food decisions. While cleansing, your juices are all prepared, packaged and totally transportable! No grocery shopping, cooking, or cleaning! No need to even think about your next meal.
  • Rest and repair your gut - Taking a break from digestion, which uses a whopping 80% of your body’s energy, allows your body to focus on the other areas that need attention, including your gut. Toxic foods, many prescription drugs, and stress can damage your gut and impair the intestine’s function. This means less absorption of nutrients and a free-pass to some bad stuff getting past a broken barrier.
  • Rest the liver - The liver is our main detoxifying organ. These days there are too many toxins! Those toxins can sometimes pass unchecked into our bloodstream and wreak havoc! Weight Loss is a natural outcome of all of our Bodhi Cleanses. With the calorie-reduced diet of strict juicing, fat cells break down releasing the toxins trapped within them. Your liver, with no other chemicals to process, does it’s job in assisting those toxins out!
Why Juice Cleanse

Have some juice!

  • Eliminate harmful foods - Our Bodhi Cleanse eliminates dairy, wheat, gluten, caffeine, alcohol and fermented foods from the diet. When progressively returning to “normal” foods, you can experience which foods might be trigger foods for unwanted ailments.
  • Boost immune system and re-energize - Our Bodhi Cleanses include massive amounts of phytonutrients and live beneficial enzymes, which would otherwise be broken down through cooking. Our juices are cold-pressed, retaining up to 99% of the organic plants’ vitamins and minerals. Your body receives upward of 100% of your daily recommended value of some vitamins. These vitamins are bio-available and completely absorbable.
  • Lose weight  - As you are feeling better and having more energy, you also naturally lose weight. Some of this is unwanted and unhealthy water retention, but also some is fat. A Bodhi Cleanse (three days minimum) is a great way to jumpstart a diet. It not only helps control appetite and cravings, but is naturally lower in calories, while supplying the body with more concentrated beneficial energizing and healing nutrients.
Why Juice Cleanse

Lose some extra pounds!!

  • Improve energy - After the first day’s adjustment period , most people begin to feel much more energy and clarity. Symptoms of fatigue and hunger are typically side-effects from caffeine withdrawal and rapid detoxification.
  • Rehydrate - Most of us don’t consume enough fluids and adding insult to injury, consume diuretics like caffeine. Drinking six 12oz Bodhi Cleanse drinks per day, plus ample hydration in between, rapidly flushes out toxins and helps to quickly shed pounds.
Why Juice Cleanse


  • Reduce physical issues You begin to feel generally better, not just with your energy, but with many chronic symptoms such as headaches, rashes, general aches, congested sinuses and chest, bloating, and gas. A 92-year-old frequent customer of ours shared that her doctor was baffled to find that her eyesight had improved. She was proud to share that it was because of all of her Bodhi Bar juice!
Why Juice Cleanse

Is your stressful life killing? Cleanse yourself with Bodhi...

  • Allow maximum detoxification To optimally support all phases of the body’s natural detox process, you need a very broad range of plant-supplied nutrients like antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.
  • Heal cells -Switching to an organic plant-based diet allows cells to work optimally to re-establish efficient internal messaging and manufacturing processes, allowing the mitochondria to create energy without having to fight off a plethora of free radicals and inflammation, and reducing some of the impediments to proper DNA functioning.
Juicing is not for everyone. Check with your healthcare provider first, especially people who are pregnant, underweight, diabetic, have unstable heart disease or low blood pressure, or who have life-threatening health challenges.
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