What’s in a Name? Bodhi Bar

Looking Back at Our Bodhi

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since Bodhi Bar opened its doors and heart to our health and wellness community and yet…wow! We have achieved so much in just one short year!!

One of the first exciting things a business owner gets to do is name their company. As many of you know, we wanted to open our juice and smoothie bar to make these highly healthy organic drinks as accessible as possible and to have the opportunity to share with as many people as possible what we’ve come to learn as one of the very best things you can do for your body: juicing!

Jeez…how do you fit all of that in a name?!!

What’s in a Name? Bodhi Bar

Bodhi is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the nature of things. Bodhi is translated into English as synonymous with “Enlightenment” or “Awakened”. So think about this…Bodhi Bar is about enlightenment – about knowing the importance of plant-based nutrients and their power to heal. We discovered the power of organic juicing when seeing its dramatic impact on healing our daughter through her battle with cancer. In only a few short months, our daughter went from having tumors to not having tumors just from organic juicing! And we want to help others achieve the same awakening!

And it gets even better! Not only are we awakened on a conscious level, we are actually awakened on a cellular level. Phyto-nutrients actually have light sources, just like our cells! As our cells are burdened with toxins, our cells are weak and dim. We can actually “enlighten” our cells though organic juicing?!!!

2016 has been amazing and the outpour of gratitude received from Bodhi Bar customers is heartfelt. Looking forward to this year, I can’t wait to reach more of you and share our passion to not only fight cancer and heart disease, but prevent disease and illness altogether! It’s our Bodhi – concentrated raw phytonutrients. It’s time to get lit in 2017!!

Check out our cleanse packages and juice packs. Bodhi Bar now delivering from GTA to Niagara Region! 

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