Thrifty Fashion - Music to our Ears!

Sound of Music event is set to captivate our vibrant downtown Burlington, and Bodhi Bar is thrilled to announce that we will be open throughout the festivities. But there's even more to celebrate! We have a special surprise in store for our visitors. We proudly welcome Lost 'N Found Chic, a boutique that embodies sustainability and conscious consumerism. Together, we aim to honour the Earth's generosity by promoting the purchase of pre-loved clothing and accessories.

Jacqueline, the visionary owner of Lost N Found Chic, lives by Jane Goodall's powerful words: "You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make." Jacqueline believes that our decisions and actions matter. Her boutique is a living testament to this belief, actively working to reduce waste and inspire sustainable choices.

At Bodhi Bar, we are committed to respecting the Earth's abundant offerings and promoting sustainable living through locally sourcing produce, using only organic fruits and veggies supporting non-chemical pesticide farming, and using reusable and/or biodegradable cups and bottles. Our collaboration with Lost 'N Found Chic allows us to create a platform that supports pre-loved fashion and its positive environmental impact.

The fashion industry often encourages excessive consumption and generates significant waste. However, we are determined to change this narrative. By choosing pre-loved clothing and accessories, we contribute to a circular economy and minimize waste. Each item that finds a new home through Lost 'N Found Chic represents a conscious decision to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our planet's valuable resources.

Lost 'N Found Chic specializes in curating unique, high-quality pieces with their own stories to tell. Embracing pre-loved fashion is an adventure that uncovers hidden treasures brimming with character and history. These items not only allow us to express our personal style but also empower us to make a positive impact on the planet. 

As the Sound of Music event blankets the city with melodies and enchantment, we invite you to visit Bodhi Bar and Lost 'N Found Chic, where sustainability and style converge. By supporting conscious businesses like ours, you become a champion for a healthier and more sustainable future. Maybe find something special to wear at the SOM?!

At Bodhi Bar and Lost 'N Found Chic, we invite you to join us in making a positive impact. Through the celebration of the Sound of Music event, we encourage you to embrace pre-loved fashion and contribute to the conversation about waste reduction. Together, let's honor our planet, make mindful choices, and create a brighter, more sustainable future for all

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