A Fresh Start for Ryan

Hey there!

As many of you know, Bodhi Bar was started because we were inspired by the promising results I had with juicing that helped shrink my tumours. It’s been 12 long years of fighting and I want to be done with cancer and I need your help!

Everything started when I was sixteen: I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma; a type of blood cancer that attacks your lymphatic system. The tumours living inside of me resided in my collarbone and chest - one the size of a large grape, the other the size of an orange. I went through 3 rounds of chemo and 14 days worth of radiation. We thought we had won the battle. little did we know it had only just begun.

Since then, I have gone through 4 more battles with cancer. Each time was different: the first and second included the Gerson Therapy- an organic, cold-pressed juicing therapy. During the third go, I ended up doing chemo, which led to a stem cell transplant.

The third battle included -you guessed it -more chemo. I ended up having to deal with psychosis, a coma, pharmaceutical drug addiction and left the hospital with epilepsy. It was pretty intense.

During the last battle, they found fluid around my brain. Thankfully, the brain biopsy I had done showed no sign of cancer. My brain was trying to protect itself. After beginning the chemotherapy treatment to help with the rest of the cancer, my lungs collapsed and I took a trip down to the ICU. It was scary for everyone and they were nervous I wouldn’t come out of there alive. I’m a fighter though and ended up getting out of the ICU, continue the chemo and start immunotherapy. 

We thought this would be the end. We thought it’d be the final battle. But unfortunately, the cancer doesn’t seem to want to go away. We’ve gotten to a point where we need to try something different.

We initially were thinking of doing another stem-cell treatment but when we did the consultation, some of the side effects presented were life threatening and my quality of life would be smashed. There is a 30-40% chance it won’t work. It would be a huge risk but luckily, we’ve found another option.

There's an amazing integrative medical hospital outside of Canada that seems very promising. This could possibly be a cure and would allow me to live my life without massive complications. It's expensive though. I'm asking you to please share my story and/or donate right from my GoFundMe  page.



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