Instructions for the Warrior Bodhi Cleanse

  • Eat a vegan diet for 24-48 hours leading up to your cleanse. We're not trying to cruel...honest. There are lots of foods that take longer for our body to break down and animals and animal byproducts are some of the most challenging foods to break down. Did you know that red meat takes an average of 40 hours to break down! We want your Bodhi Cleanse to go beyond just cleansing your GI tract and work on the stuff that's "in process", and go way beyond to detoxify on a cellular level, releasing toxins trapped within your fat cells! You might look into our Keto Bodhi Bombs. These Keto-friendly snacks are loaded with good quality fats and are a tasty treat to get you through your cravings!
  • Hydrate! Let's face it, you're going to be drinking a lot during your Warrior Bodhi IF program. So get your body prepared for it!
  • DO NOT try to get in all the junk food and "treats" in before you take on your Warrior Bodhi IF. You don't want to take 2 steps back before you take one step forward! And while oreo cookies are technically should avoid indulging in not-good-for-you foods!
  • Time to get juiced up! You're going to feel great after your Warrior Bodhi IF. You'll shed a some unwanted weight, have better sleeps and improve complexion!
  • Have more questions? Give us a call at 289-983-5411 or email us at