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  • Smoothie Boomchocolaka Nutrition Fact

    Smoothie Boomchocolaka

    Boom Chocolaca! A chocolaty treat that's healthy? This smoothie offers a yummy blend of organic avocado, banana, dates, and organic cacao! Full of antioxidants and healthy fats! ORGANIC | VEGAN...
  • Smoothie-Berry Bliss Nutrition Fact

    Smoothie-Berry Bliss

    Berry Bliss This delicious cold treat offers a blend of organic berries, banana, melon, and chia seeds. Rich in antioxidants, omegas, potassium and other photo-nutrients. ORGANIC | VEGAN | GLUTEN-FREE...
  • Smoothie-Hidden Treasure Nutrition Fact

    Smoothie-Hidden Treasure

    Hidden Treasure This tasty blend offers delicious organic berries, pineapple, flax seeds and banana. You won’t even taste the hidden treasure of organic kale…but you get all the benefits!! ORGANIC...
  • Smoothie-Mean Green Nutrition Fact

    Smoothie-Mean Green

    Mean Green A blend of organic kale, spinach, banana, spirulina and vegan protein offering more than 20 grams of protein! Nutrient, protein and fibre-dense! This smoothie is featured in our...
  • Smoothie-Tropical Tornado Nutrition Fact

    Smoothie-Tropical Tornado

    Tropical Tornado Taste the sunshine with a blend of organic orange, pineapple and banana, with added raw coconut. Think....healthy pina colada!  ORGANIC | VEGAN | GLUTEN-FREE | NO PRESERVATIVES |...
  • Bodhi Bar Variety Pack - 6 Juices Nutrition Fact

    Bodhi Bar Variety Pack - 6 Juices

    Detox ConcoctionA blend of organic kale, spinach, cucumber and celery, with added parsley, ginger, plus lemon and apple juices. Detoxify. Boost Immunity. Reduce Inflammation.Quantity - 1Power GlowSpirulina shot added to...
  • Detox Concoction - 6 Pack Nutrition Fact

    Detox Concoction - 6 Pack

    Cold-pressed organic kale, spinach, cucumber and celery, with added parsley, ginger, plus lemon and apple. Bodhi Bar uses the cold-press juice extraction method to give you up to 99% of the...
  • Melonlicious! - 6 Pack Nutrition Fact

    Melonlicious! - 6 Pack

    Melonlicious is made by cold-pressing organic melons, carrots and apples! Plus we add a sprig of organic mint. This juice helps to  Energize, hydrate, and boost metabolism. Gluten-free | Organic | No sugar...
  • Power Glow - 6 Pack Nutrition Fact

    Power Glow - 6 Pack

    Spirulina shot added to a blend of organic apple, lemon, cucumber, kale, spinach and celery juices.  Rebuild Connective Tissue. Detoxify. Boost Energy. Check out our other items Bodhi cleanse packages Memberships ...
  • Recovery and Ready - 6 Pack Nutrition Fact

    Recovery and Ready - 6 Pack

    Hard work out? Recover quickly with this blend of organic kale, spinach, cucumber and celery juices, with added coconut water. Hydrate. Repair Muscle. Recharge Energy. Gluten-free | Organic | No sugar...
  • Spice Girl - 6 Pack Nutrition Fact

    Spice Girl - 6 Pack

    Cold-pressed organic carrots, apples, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon. Enjoy this juice as part of your Bodhi Beautiful or Slimmer Bodhi Cleanse Packages. Reduce Inflammation | Help Gut Health | Boost...
  • Sweetie Pie - 6 Pack Nutrition Fact

    Sweetie Pie - 6 Pack

      Cold-pressed organic beets, carrots, apples, ginger and cinnamon. Most ingredients in this amazing juice are sourced locally!  Bodhi Bar uses the cold-press juice extraction method to give you up...
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